We congratulate our students, continue learning while having fun
November 25, 2020
NHS & Nurture Letters
January 2, 2021

Through mentoring, Nurture Education & Multicultural Society aims to support the youth to fulfil their potential and opportunities thus building their confidence and identity as contributing members of their community. This is done through a unique four-dimensional mentoring scheme:

  1. Tutoring based academic development,
  2. Skills focused personal development,
  3. Values focused character development
  4. Religious belief focused spirituality and teaching.


Nurture Educational Center recognises that young people have a range of needs that require specific and tailored support.

Nurture Educational Center focuses not only on young people but also their parents, carers and educators. Organising workshops and lectures for the benefit of parents and educators is among our missions. Furthermore, Nurture Educational Center aims to prevent radicalization and supports the inclusion of Muslim youth into the British community in particular, but also aims to support British society in general through an emphasis on inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue. Overall, Nurture Educational center aims to support mentees in becoming empathetic, caring, successful, and spiritually and mentally satisfied individuals who take a keen interest in the well-being of others as well as themselves.